Opened in 2016 in the center of  Yalıkavak, Pilates Unlimited offers private and duo classes in a contemporary Pilates approach. At our full-fledged studio, we offer private and group Pilates classes in a chill and comforting atmosphere. Pilates is a very dynamic movement system and offers diverse benefits for the soul and mind as well as for the body.

A better posture, more flexible and stronger body are the benefits of Pilates in general. Pilates is not just a physical exercise system, it also requires full attention, targeting the mind, soul and body harmony. Throughout the exercises, staying focused on the moment, improves the effect of the session providing a total relaxation.  This is what we aim at Pilates Unlimited as well. Everyone is unique, therefore at Pilates Unlimited we tailor each session in order to adapt clients’ needs and expectations and revise according to the feedbacks.

Although Pilates is considered as a safe movement method for everyone, it is very important that you inform us about your general health status before starting the classes. Pilates is not just a physical exercise method; it requires unity of mind and soul. Based on this principle of holistic wellness, we aim for you to leave the sessions feeling good!

We use Balance Body’s equipment in our studio. The classes are either private or for groups of two. All classes are given by appointment only.


Banu Yorgancıoğlu

After graduating from Economics, she worked as a correspondent, editor, and editor in chief in economics, culture/art magazines. After completing her master’s degree in art management, she managed an art gallery for a while. She started doing Pilates in 2012 and decided to work in this field after seeing the holistic benefits that Pilates can provide.

In 2014, she completed a PMA and Fostering Future Professionals approved Pilates training program and has attended many trainings and seminars. After founding Pilates Unlimited in 2016, Yorgancıoğlu moved to France and continues her work in Nice and Bodrum.

Education and Seminars:

  • Serotonin Academy, ‘Functional Anatomy and Diseases of the Spine’, ‘Osteoporosis and Fibromyalgia,‘Scoliosis’, Upper Extremities’ Functional Anatomy and Disfunctions, Functional Anatomy and Diseases of Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist.
  • Alan Herdman, “The First Session” Workshop
  • Nora St.John, “Creating Length and Strength: The Lower Back and Pilates”
    Ertan Durak, “Kyphosis & Spinal Mobilization on the Trapeze Table”
    Murat Çatbaş, “Flex to Reform It”
  • Melih Çatalyürek, “Full Body Workout with the Pilates
  • Victor Uygan ‘Muscle Relaxation with Ball’, ‘Pilates for Men’
  • James D’Silva, ‘Garuda Standing, Dhara Chair, Garuda Mat work Foundation’
  • Serotonin, The Power of Thoracolumbar Fascia, ‘Movement Anatomy’ and from H. Dip NMT Alp Ertung ‘Introduction to Pain Management with NMT & Exercise
  • TCF 2. degree trainer




Private and Duo Pilates Classes

(We offer tariffs for single session and 5 sessions)

A kind reminder that all sessions are by appointment only. Sessions canceled less than 24 hours in advance are charged in full. All payments are due before the session. If you choose to pay per session, please note that, it cannot be deductible from the multiple sessions package. All memberships expire after 3 months. Sessions are 55 minutes.

You can reach us through email, WhatsApp or instagram. We’ll answer back shortly

You can reach us through email, WhatsApp or instagram. We’ll answer back shortly

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